Ste. Agathe's new boat launch has opened just in time for summer.

Vice President of Ste Agathe Community Development Inc. Joel Gagnon is one of the people who is spearheading the project.

"Happy to report that the construction for the actual launch itself is now complete. We are stepping into phase 2 of the project which is getting a dock designed and officially installed at the site as well and doing some revegetation of the site to promote riverbank stabilization."

Gagnon says the boat launch opened last Friday and he was glad to see it get plenty of use right away. He notes this is a huge step forward for Ste. Agathe and the surrounding area.

"Ste. Agathe itself is located on the Red River which is home to a world-class fishery and all sorts of recreation opportunities that present themselves. The challenge was that there was no safe access to the water or to the river itself." 

This project was mulled over about 10 years ago but for whatever reason, Gagne says the timing just wasn’t right. Then, three years ago the Ste. Agathe CDI decided to revive the project and put together a subcommittee. The work of the subcommittee has resulted in what we see today.

Gagnon says Ste. Agathe is a beautiful town in a beautiful location and it would be a shame to ignore the potential of the Red River.

"All sorts of opportunities for canoeing, paddleboarding, obviously, boats and then for the wintertime, having a safe access for children's school activities whether it is cross country skiing or snow-shoeing or whatever the case may be, this will definitely be a great addition to the municipal assets."

Gagnon says hopefully phase two can be completed before fall.

The Ste. Agathe Boat launch joins launches along the Red River further south at Scratching River Park Campground at Morris and in the St. Jean Campground.