Normally used to transport local teens to excursions and out-of-town missions, the new YFC Altona - Youth Unlimited van provided a different kind of safe space for people earlier this week. 

Executive Director, Sheridan Sawatzky, was one of the first people to arrive at a two-vehicle collision near Rosenfeld on Monday morning and offered up the vehicle as a place for victims to keep warm while emergency crews arrived. At one point, there were five people in the van being treated by paramedics outside of the elements, while those with more serious injuries were whisked away to hospital.

"It's spring in Manitoba, so it was actually a pretty cold morning, and people weren't able to stay in their vehicles that were in the accident," he explained. 

In what Sawatzky agreed was a bit of a "God Moment", he had actually cleaned out the back of van before he headed out. 

"If it was me in the accident, I'd appreciate any help I would receive, so just to be able to be there, and be of service was an opportunity we had to take," he said. 

"I really didn't do much," added Sawatzky. "I'm glad I was able to offer help where I could."

Sawatzky admitted, he did enjoy being able to see our local emergency responders get down to work at the scene.

"For me, the biggest shout out should go out, especially to our volunteer firefighters who were on scene and doing an amazing job. I was appreciative of being able to see that first-hand."

He noted, he walked away from the situation with an extra appreciation for the people who serve in emergency capacities in our community.