Here is a list of nominees for the towns, municipalities and school divisions for the upcoming elections October 25th.



 There will be a contest for mayor in Morris October 25th.
 Councillor Dale Hoffman will challenge mayor Barrie Stevenson for the job.
 Eleven candidates are vying for 6 council seats.
 They include incumbents Jeanette Bergstresser, Ruth Murray, and Egon Grossman.
 The challengers are Bill Ginter, Dave Smith, Barbara Vogt, Yvette Habes, Cindy Todd, Gavin van der Linde, Tim Jordan, and Trevor Thiessen.


It will be a 3 man race for the mayors seat in Winkler.
Dave Penner, Walter Siemens, and Martin Harder all filed their nomination
papers by the deadline.
There are also 8 people running for the 6 council seats.
They are incumbents Herb Dick, Ken J. Wiebe, Ron Neufeld, and Marvin Plett.
They will be joined on the ballot by 4 newcomers.
They are Henry Siemens, Lloyd Thiessen, Mike Blatz, and Randy Rietze.

Twelve Morden residents have filed nomination papers to run for town
Incumbent John Wiens and Doug Wilson are the only two running for mayor.
Meanwhile, Maurice Butler, Alex Fedorchuk, Irvin Wiebe, Wayne Hosea
and Ron Laverty have all let their names stand for council.
They will be challenged by Al Wirth, Brian Hildebrand, Beverly Rex, Brian
Nedohin, and Doug Frost.

Altona mayor Melvin Klassen will serve another term.
He was uncontested at the nomination deadline.
The nine candidates for the six council positions are incumbents Brad Dueck, Ted Klassen, Earl Dick, Rick Martel, and Terry Wiebe.
The challengers include Don Braun, Tim Fast, Ann Kroeker, and Nick




There are two candidates running for mayor in the Town of Carman.
Councillor Ron Stanger and new to the race Bob Mitchell are both seeking the mayor position.
There are eight people seeking the five seats available to represent the town.
Councillors Jane Swanton, Ron McClain and Al Boxshall are all allowing their names to stand for the October elections.
Also, seeking seats are Wayne Hiebert, Connie Rose, Dwayne Warkentin, and Ed Vandersluis.

There will be a race for mayor in the Town of Gretna.
The two candidates include current councillor Dan Froese, and challenger
Dennis Loewen.
The six candidates for the four council seats are incumbent
Mark Ratzlaff, along with newcomers Cheryl Braun, Peter Friesen, Bill
Peters, Sandra Mae Reimer, and Jacob Reimer.

The Town of Manitou has a new mayor following nominations today.
Councillor Jake Goertzen takes the office by acclamation, and will succeed
Walter Mueller.
The five candidates for the four council positions are incumbents Harry Brendle, Norman Scharf, and Sam Vodden.
The new candidates are Bill Fehr and Glenn Shiskoskie.

Plum Coulee
Residents of Plum Coulee will elect a new mayor and new council members .
Candidates for mayor include current Deputy Mayor Archie Heinrichs Bernice Dyck and Robert Lundy.

The candidates for the four council seats are incumbents Richard Remple and Wayne Reimer, along with challengers June Letkeman, Chad Thiessen, Andrew Klassen, Tony Fehr, and Herman Penner.

Pilot Mound

Pilot Mound Town Council positions were all filled by acclamation.
Mayor Brent Checkley will serve another term.
Returned to office were Councillors William Hay, James Odlum, and Audrey Wilson.
They will be joined by newcomer Ken Dobson.  


RM of Dufferin

The RM of Dufferin will have a new reeve.
Reeve Doug Sisson has withdrawn his candidacy......challenger Shawn McCutcheon is acclaimed.
for council in ward 2, Barry Driedger will challenge incumbent Glen Kippen.
in ward 4, incumbent Bob Harrison will go against  George Gray.
acclamations include John Peckover in ward 1, Brent Cohoe in ward 3, Don McCutcheon in ward 5, and Fred Dunn in ward 6.


RM of Thompson

There will be a race for reeve in the rm of thompson. Reeve Brian Schwartz is facing a challenge from Rick Hildebrand.
Iin ward 3, newcomers Tim Graham and Lori Patterson are going against  councillor George Jackson.
Three newcomers will contest ward 4....they are John J. Elias, Donna Gall, and Huntley Knox.
Elected by acclamation were Walter Mctavish in ward 1, Wayne Gall in ward 2, and Ernest Kroeker in ward 5..
Also acclaimed was Miami committee member Ron Jackson.





R.M. of Stanley

There will be no problem filling the numerous vacant seats around the R.M. of Stanley council table next month.
Councillors Art Petkau and Jack Peters are the only two candidates running for reeve.
In ward one, eleven candidates are seeking one of four spots.
Ernie Dyck, Myron Dyck, Jack Froese, Peter Froese, Andrew Janzen, Peter Klassen, Gerald Krahn, Bill Reimer, Richard Warkentin, Bernie Wiebe and Jim Wiebe all filed nomination papers.
IN ward two, residents can vote for Walter Dueck, Dale Ferris, Ken Schellenberg, Les Titchkosky or Cory Walske to fill the two open seats.


RM of Pembina

Voters in the RM of Pembina will elect a new reeve October 25th.
The two candidates are current councillors Murray Seymour and Kim Taylor.

Two new councillors taking office by acclamation include Brenda Seward in ward 2, and Tom Hamilton in ward 6.
Re-elected by acclamation were incumbents Barb Nichol in ward 1, Ray Windsor in ward 3, Eric Atkins in ward 4, and Art Klassen in ward 5.

Three new members were acclaimed to  the Darlingford community committee.....they are Helen Halabicki, Robert Luger, and Lory Wowk.

Three incumbents were acclaimed for the La Riviere community committee....they are Evelyn Janzen, Barry Keam, and Albert Wymer.

R.M. of Rhineland
John Falk will return as reeve in the R.M. of Rhineland.
He was elected by acclamation.
There will be an election in ward 1 where Benno loewen is challenging
incumbent councillor Tony Harms.
In by acclamation are incumbent councillors Bernie Bergen in ward 2 and Paul
Peters in ward 3.
Also acclaimed are Hank Enns in ward 4 and Don Wiebe in ward 5.
Elected by acclamation to the Rosenfeld Village Committee are incumbents
Laurie Schroeder, Wes Kehler and Art Wiebe.

R.M. of Macdonald

Rodney Burns will return for another term as reeve for the R.M. of Macdonald.
There will be no elections in the municipality as all councillors have been
They are incumbents Doug Dobrowolski in ward 1, Gilles Lavallee in ward
2, Roger Kirouac in ward 4, Robert Morse in
ward 5, Cynthia Bisson in ward 6 and Brad Erb in ward 7.
Brian Rex is the new face on council representing ward 3.

R.M. of Montcalm
There will be no elections in the R.M. of Montcalm.

The reeve and six councillors are in by acclamation.
Roger Vermette returns as reeve while five incumbent councillors will also be back at the council table.
They are Emile Remillard in ward 1, Gerald Houle in ward 2, Louis Roy
in ward 3, Claude Lafond in ward 4 and Ghislain Dupuis in ward 6.
The new member on council is Marc Lafond in ward 5.

R.M. of Morris

Reeve Herm Martens has been returned to office by
The nine candidates for six council seats are incumbents Barry Fraese, Ralph Groening, Leo
Kornelson, Sieg Neumann, Denis Robert, and Lionel Wiens.
The challengers are Mervin Dueck, Stan Siemens, and Glenn Smith.

R.M. of Roland

There will be one election in the R.M. of Roland.
Three candidates are vying for a seat in ward 3.
Carmina Hiebert and Brian Burnett are challenging incumbent councillor Bud
Bill Whitehead returns as reeve.
Councillors in by acclamation are newcomers Richard Hildebrand in ward 1 and John Hughes in ward 2.
Incumbent Don Pfrimmer will again represent ward 4.




R.M. of Louise

There will be two council elections in the R.M. of Louise.

In ward 1, incumbent Ralph Hagyard will go against Jerry Pauls.

In ward 6, Roland Desrochers will challenge incubment Bruce McKay.
Reeve Ken Buchanan was returned by acclamation.

Incumbent councillors re-elected by acclamation are Susan Randall in ward 2, Murray McIntyre in ward 3, Nicklaus Clayson in ward 4, and James Cockerline in ward 5.

Re-elected by acclamation to the Clearwater Community Committee were Keith Vines and Casey Johnson.

Garden Valley School Division
There may be an election in Garden Valley School Division.
In ward two, only three nominations were filed to fill the three seats.
Incumbents, Brenda Willey, Cindy Smart and Henry Krahn have been re-elected
by acclamation.
Meanwhile, in ward one, incumbents Hilda Froese, Judy Hargraves, Darrel
Wiebe, Kelvin Dyck, Erma Rempel, and Gerald Thiessen are all running again.
Alan Froese has also filed nomination papers to run in that ward.
The candidates have until 5 pm today to let their nomination stand.
It will be determined tomorrow if an election is necessary.



Western School Division

The names are in for the Western School Division Elections.
Ward one, which is a rural ward will see new candidates Keith Doerksen and Barb Petkau run for the open seat.
in ward two, which represents the Town of Morden, there is one new candidate.
Brian Fransen will challenge the four incumbents.
Board Members Kurt Guenther, Connie Lautenschlauger, David McAndrew and Ken Klassen all decided to let their names stand for another term.

Border Land School Division
There will be no election in the Border Land School Division.
Jamie Fehr has withdrawn her name as a nominee in ward 7, which represents Altona and area.
That means Craig Smiley, Patty Wiebe and Rose Hille are elected by acclamation.
Other trustees acclaimed include newcomers Nancy Brown in ward 1, Cheryl Edbom in ward 4, and Chad Friesen in ward 6.
Incumbent Robert Cesmystruk will return as trustee in ward 2.
Ward 3, which is the Vita/Woodmore area, remains vacant as no candidates came forward.





Prairie Rose School Division

Prairie Rose School Division will not have an election.
All eight trustees have won by acclimation.
Hugh Greaves, Colleen Woods, Robin Cox, Dennis Rinn, Larry Jeffers, Jack Foote, Rik Skelton, Virginia Beckwith, and Frank Bruce will all be returning for another term.

Prairie Sprirt School Division
There will be two elections for trustee in Praire Spirit School Division.
Colleen Philipott and Ron Lussier will vye for a seat in ward 3.
In ward 9, Dolores Larson is up against Avaline Widmer-Thrush.
In by acclamation are Albert Devloo in ward 1, Norbert van Deynze in ward
2, Michelle Hoger in ward 4, Marvin Anderson in ward 5, Bonnie Young-Beyak
in ward 6, and Larry Cruikshank in ward 7.