Monarch Industries CEO Roy Cook is being recognized for his visionary leadership.

He will be a Hall of Fame inductee with the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME).

"It's nice to be thought of... but the opportunity to have Monarch highlighted was very worthwhile," he says.

Cook began at Monarch 22 years ago in business development, eventually becoming COO in 2006, and President and CEO in 2013.

He says the company has seen plenty of change, from a wide mix of products to a sharper focus on hydraulic cylinders and castings. Monarch manufactures castings at a foundry in Winkler.

A team effort has been Cook's guiding principle, "we work hard to ensure all voices are heard," he says.

In his decision-making process, Cook says the key is staying objective.

"Making sure you're not getting caught up in anything from a personal perspective," he says. "And to think through all the facets of a decision... you gotta think through all the consequences and unintended consequences if you can."

Cook will be honoured at this year’s Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Awards.

"Manufacturing continues to be a driving factor in our province’s economic health. CME works in partnership with manufacturers and exporters to help them excel at home and bring Manitoba-made products to the world," said Ron Koslowsky, CME Vice President. "The CME Awards pay tribute to the people and companies that have contributed to the growing and vibrant manufacturing industry we have in Manitoba today."

The CME awards recognize individuals and organizations for their outstanding contribution to achieving world-class benchmarks in the manufacturing and exporting industry. Awards will be presented during Manitoba Manufacturing Week at CME’s annual gala dinner on March 22.

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