The Pembina Valley Watershed District (PVWD) continues to expand its territory. 

Recently, the organization added the R.M. of Roland to its growing list of partner municipalities, covering a small section of land in the Municipality's southeast corner. A majority of the R.M. of Roland falls under the Redboine Watershed District. 

"The watershed districts are divided into physical watershed boundaries," explained PVWD manager, Ryan Sheffield. "So, it's all the land that has water that flows into our district is being incorporated."

He added, this small area helps fill a gap in the PVWD's network. 

"We work in the upper levels of the watershed in trying to slow down the flow water and reduce the flood peak, so if there's missing sections it can be difficult to do our work [...] so, a lot of it might be more based on our ability to get some of our programming and funding abilities out to the people of Roland. That will probably be the biggest influence that we'll have"

This addition of land comes with increased provincial funding and with that, comes the ability to increase their outreach, explained Sheffield. 

"We work hard to get the word out and get the funding out to people who qualify," he said. "I think the uptake is really increasing. We've increased our staff somewhat, specifically to get the word out and to be available to meet with landowners and discuss the potential of working together."

Some of the District's most popular programs include nitrogen management, flooded acres, and temporary wetland incentives. It all depends on where the land is located. The Pembina Valley Watershed District spans as far east as the R.M. of Montcalm, west to Boissevain-Morton.