In 2019, the City of Winkler established a reserve fund to begin work on Phase 2 of Westridge Memorial Gardens.
Director of Planning and Engineering for the City of Winkler, Scott Toews, says they anticipate needing to move into the next phase within the next 3 to 5 years, and they wanted to make sure they are well ahead of the need.
Work is currently underway to add a second loop to what's already at the cemetery, creating an additional 230 metres of roadway to provide access to future plots. The new loop is being put in south of what's already established at Westridge, explained Toews.

"This would be the second phase, and there are two additional loops that could be added in the future when additional plots are needed."

Meanwhile, Toews noted the community gardens are located where they anticipate future plots to be needed. Until then, he said it's a good, quiet location for the community garden to exist.

The cemetery is located on the south side of Pembina Avenue West, and west of the Winkler Cemetery opened in 2008.

A map outlining where the Phase 2 expansion is taking place.Total length of roadway added for the cemetery is approx 230 L.M. There is room for approximately two more expansions of similar scale to what is being constructed today. (Submitted)

The Phase Two expansion at Westridge Memorial Gardens is well underway.