The Garden Valley School Division held its strategic planning seminar last week.


Garden Valley Collegiate Principal Dan Giesbrecht says most of Thursday was spent discussing the mission and belief statements. 
Friday featured discussion of physical needs, programming, and staffing.
Superintendent Dom Wilkins says certain objectives they set at the last meeting had been met, which allowed them to create new objectives.
Trustees, senior administrators, principals, as well as student, teacher and parent representatives attended the seminar.
Wilkins notes having representation from different aspects of the community is valuable,  because everyone brings different life experiences to the table.
He says agreeing on a mission statement for the division was a challenge, however they did reach consensus on what should be included.
Wilkins says this type of planning seminar is unique to the division, and feels it is working well.
Trustees will meet next week to discuss action that needs to be taken on the mission and belief statements for  the division.