Hot on the heels of the completion of the Centre on Main in Plum Coulee, June Letkeman is jumping on a new project; the creation of a new footbridge.

Currently, there is a makeshift walkway which crosses the coulee connecting the two sides of town.

Letkeman says she has already approached an engineer for the project. She notes he has prior experience designing bridges.

"We do have an engineer in place, Justin Wiebe, he has some experience in building a bridge in St. Pierre. We're very fortunate to have him, he's from Plum Coulee of course, that makes it even nicer."

Three members have already been asked to be part of the board and more members are needed to begin fundraising and bringing awareness to the project come spring.

According to initial estimates, the project will cost $280,000, due to the cost of natural resources and an engineer.