Shortly before midnight on November 8th, Winkler Police were notified by the RCMP and Altona Police about an attempted theft of a motor vehicle near Rosenfeld.  

With a vehicle description in hand, officers located the suspect vehicle parked at a motel in Winkler shortly after midnight. Police say the driver of the vehicle is known to officers as being a suspended driver.  

When the vehicle left the motel, police attempted to conduct a traffic stop, however, the vehicle fled from the police.  
Police followed the vehicle on gravel roads as the driver continued attempts to evade them. At Provincial Road #306 near Plum Coulee, the decision was made to end the pursuit for safety reasons, and because police had identified the occupants of the vehicle.
An arrest warrant has been issued for a 25-year-old female resident of Altona.  

A driver stopped by Winkler Police last week is out nearly $1,000, and is without a driver's license and a vehicle for a while.
Police spotted the 23-year-old driving erratically on 1st Street and then westbound on Southview Drive.

A sample of the driver's breath into a roadside screening device produced a “fail” reading, resulting in an immediate roadside suspension, which carries a $700 fine, 90-day license suspension, and a 30-day vehicle impoundment.  
He was also issued a $237 ticket for transporting cannabis in a motor vehicle.

A motorist recently found out firsthand the monetary cost of passing a stopped school bus with its lights flashing.
Last Tuesday, Winkler Police received a report from the Garden Valley School Division regarding a vehicle passing a stopped school bus with lights flashing on Greensfield Drive.  
The owner of the vehicle was issued a $672 ticket. 

Winkler Police are investigating the theft of an enclosed trailer with tools inside. 

Police say the theft happened sometime over the weekend of November 4-6th, in the area of Gemstone Drive and Platinum Road.