Despite a poor quality crop to market, the 2005-06 crop year is being deemed a success by the Canadian Wheat Board.


President Adrian Measner explains on average over 60% of red spring wheat is number one or two and 13.6% protein.

Last year only 40% was number one or two, and protein averaged 13%.

Even with that working against the marketer, it is was able to export 16.5 million tonnes of grain.

Durum exports are close to the record of 4.2 million tonnes, feed barley exports were seven times that of 04-05, and the entire malting barley crop was sold.

Looking forward to the 2006-07 crop year, production estimates were revised downward compared to the numbers released in June.

Wheat production is estimated at 19.1 million tonnes, durum 3.6 million, and barley 9.8 million.

Measner stresses the board is still hoping for strong exports in the ocming crop year with a target of 17.5 million tonnes, 1.2 million more than the 05-06 goal.