Rogue 101 Taekwondo coaches are proud of the way their competitors fared in the Community Challenge Tournament. 

The event was held last week in Winnipeg and saw 14 athletes take part, with it being the first-ever tournament for many of the competitors. Master Evelyn Hoogerdijk says as a group they left the event with seven golds, two silvers, and three bronze medals in both sparring and patterns.

"This was a tough tournament for us, but true to our character, the Rogue 101 competitors rose above the challenge. They maintained honour and sportsmanship, and showed their true colours," says Hoogerdijk. "As we did in the previous tournament, the Rogue 101 competitors who did not medal all walked away with personal bests."

The head of the program says she was very happy with the turnout they had as a group as they also had six coaches attend and a volunteer for a total of 21 members at the event.

She says the way everyone carried themselves is one of the main reasons she is so proud to instruct this specific group.

"We value manner over medals, and our club definitely showed that we can accomplish both of those in a stressful setting," Hoogerdijk explains. "Having the support of the community is a gift."

The Portage/Carman club will continue to take part in tournaments across the province this year.