Morden voters will now have a better idea on who they would like to see leading their town.

There are five new people vying for a seat on Morden council.


Doug Frost believes in honesty, integrity and accountability if he were elected as councillor. 


He is actively involved in the recreation in the town of Morden and would like to see the Rec center upgraded.


Al Wirth is actively involved with recreation and would like to see tax payers get the best value for their dollars.

Beverly Rex has 3 major goals which are building an indoor swimming pool, a new nursing home and more retail stores.

Brian Hildebrand would like to attract new residents to the town by improving the horticulture and marking the bike and walking trails.

Brian Nedohin feels the civic centre needs some upgrading along with the lighting and infrastructure around town.

Four incumbents have allowed their names to stand again.

Irvin Wiebe, Alex Fedorchuk, Wayne Hosea and Maurice Butler are all proud of what they have accomplished over their four years on council.

They have almost completed the town's industrial park and completed the Agassiz Medical Centre.

Infrastructure accomplishments include new lighting and a footbridge in Morden Park and the re-vamping of downtown.

They also brought in many new businesses such as Boston Pizza and the Esso Gas bar.


Advance polling will happen tomorrow from 8am to 8pm at the Morden Friendship Centre.


October 25th is election day and voting that day will take place at the Morden Recreation Centre.