Organizers of the 2008 Manitoba Summer Games hope to accomplish a lot heading into next year's event in Carman.

Committee Co-chair Dennis Young says they want to get as much preparation done as possible this year to avoid a rush next spring.


Ideally, he says six months from now they would like to have all the facilities the way they want them for the games.


By fall, they hope to have the soccer complex complete and have the ball diamonds fixed.


They are also building a new track with hard topping, which is currently going through the tender process.


As for fundraising, Young says, currently, they are right where they want to be.


Meanwhile, hosting the 2008 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games will leave something lasting for the community.


Young says each sport has a particular budget item that they will be left with once the games are over.


For instance, the high school will be the site for basketball


Young says they have never owned a 30 second clock, and it's part of their legacy to purchase one for them.


The games will include eleven different sports.