A petition opposing the retail sale of cannabis in Altona was submitted to the town late last week.

The appeal for a vote on whether town council should allow licensed retail cannabis stores to operate in Altona has close to 800 names on it.

Mayor Al Friesen said the town's administrative team is now in the process of reviewing the entire list of names. "It's to determine and I guess confirm that those who signed are actual voters and that they were witnessed by adults. So, once that process is done, assuming there are still 620 names on the final and approved list, town council will then review it and discuss it. That would then trigger a plebiscite."

The town has 30 days to conduct its review of the petition. Once that is done, Friesen said a date for holding a plebiscite on the issue will likely be decided upon at the February 25th town council meeting.

"That date will likely be at a time when as many people as possible would have the opportunity to express their opinion and vote and we would probably do that before summer before people are gone on vacation."

Friesen says the question that will be attached to the plebiscite will be straight forward and clear, requiring a 'yes' or 'no' answer.