The Beef Cattle Research Council is still looking for producers to take part in their 2023 Canadian Cow-Calf Survey.

Cow-calf producers across Canada are being asked to share information about their 2023 calf crop.

Kathy Larson, one of the researchers involved says the online survey will take producers through a series of questions.

"It will take probably between 30 and 40 minutes of a producer's time. It's helpful to have some numbers at hand because you'll have to go back to details on how many females you exposed to breeding."

She says they are looking at everything from breeding in 2022 through weaning, and heifer management.

The BCRC suggests producers have some important dates and numbers about their 2022 breeding season and 2023 calf crop on hand.

"Including the number of head exposed (naturally or by AI), number of females that calved, females sold, kept for re-breeding, dead’s, date of first and last calf, percentage of calves in each 21 day window during the calving season, number of calves weaned, weaning weight, cow weight, and percentage of calves polled."

Larson notes it's a way for researchers to gain insights into what producers are doing in their operations, and helps to guide future research and extension activities.

The last day to participate in the 2023 Canadian Cow-Calf Survey is March 31st.

All of the information is pooled, so producer confidentiality is maintained. 

Results will be available on

To participate in the survey click here.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Kathy Larson click on the link below.