Daily authorizations will be issued through November 15.

The province's crop residue burning program is once again in effect. 


Manitoba Agriculture Agro-Meteorologist Andy Nadler explains daily authorizations will be issued through November 15. 


He's hoping there will be less smoke problems this year because of burning due to the fact producers will have so much time to do it if the choose. 


Harvest started in some regions almost 2 weeks ago giving growers more than 3 months to burn. 


Nadler also feels there's a chance more straw will be bailed for feed as some areas are expecting to be short of hay. 


He stresses, because of the tinder dry conditions around the province, it's extremely important for producers to take proper safety precautions when burning. 


Nadler adds farmers also need to be aware of whether there are any municipal burning bans in effect for their area. 


If there is, even if authorization to burn has been given for a particular day, burning is not allowed in that district.