Thanks to a recent announcement, Many Hands Resource Centre (MHRC) can move ahead with plans for a Holiday Celebration in Morden on December 20th at 500 Stephen Street. MHRC received $2000 through the Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund, allotted for Community Celebrations from the Provincial Government. Recipents were announced earlier this week. 

MHRC Program Coordinator Tracey Krause said the Community Meal will celebrate more than Christmas, noting Morden has changed a lot in the last few years. 

"It's not quite a Christmas dinner, more like a community holiday dinner, 'cause there's a lot of people in our community that have special holidays around this time, and I would like to invite them to come forward and share a little bit about their culture and traditions, especially as it relates to the December-January time period."  

Krause is grateful for the funding to help put on a meal, with entertainment and decorations, and room for others to share their celebrations. 

"I would like to set up tables where people can display some of the things they use to decorate, or perhaps books or pictures, or clothing or even food that's special to them for this time, and then be willing to talk to people about that, so people know a little bit more about each other." 

Volunteers are needed for the evening to help decorate, set up, clean up and prepare the meal. Krause noted a big part needed right now is table host volunteers. 

"I want to have hosts at the tables that really invite conversation and interaction and help people to build that warm feeling that is often present around Christmas, as we welcome each other into each other's homes and feel a little bit of the joy of the season." 

Krause shared why it's important for the community to come together to celebrate Christmas and the other celebrations taking place in the community, adding this event is designed to learn more about each other and to build relationships with each other. 

"Those relationships will help us to build a stronger community if we know each other, if we help each other, if we're friends with each other, and supporting each other, that is all part of what we're doing at Many Hands. Then the meal feeds right into that, both in terms of; a small bit towards food security, but mainly towards building community and building understanding of each other and appreciation for each other." 

The Community Meal will be at no cost, tickets will be required for preparations and planning. Anyone interested in volunteering in the many ways mentioned or learning more can contact Tracey Krause at Many Hands Resource Centre 204-823-1678 or message the Facebook page.