A new play structure, picnic shelter, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds are on the horizon for Reinfeld Park.  

The park, which cut its ribbon in June of 2023, is currently in its second phase of development after completing an outdoor rink and warm-up shack in its first. 

On July 9th, the community came together for the second year in a row to continue fundraising for the park’s future with barbecued food, cars, and family fun.  

Reinfeld Park Committee Board Member Ryan Friesen hoped that this year’s event would “build on” the momentum of 2023’s successful fundraiser, which drew a larger response than the committee expected.

Reinfeld fundraiser

“We're really hopeful that it brings the community together, because that's what we saw from last year — that's the number one reason we do this. [It] brings more awareness and fundraising for the park, too,” says Friesen. “[That’s] the order of priorities.” 

The fundraiser included bouncy castles, face painting, barrel cart rides, and raffle prizes, including gift certificates from local restaurants and a Blackstone grill. There was also a car show, which was a highlight for many of the attendees. A by-donation barbecue (with donations from Heartland Meat Products and Co-op) and a concession stand met attendees’ appetites.  

Reinfeld fundraiser

The event raised $7,000 for the park’s projects.  

For Christina Unrau, another board member of Reinfeld Park Committee, the turn-out of the fundraiser, from the attendees who offered their support to the volunteers who generously provided their time to the cause, was heartening. 

“This has been such a beautiful day. So many people came out to support [the park].”  

It was also rewarding for Unrau to see children playing in the new rink, which was built as part of the park's first phase. 

Next, Reinfeld Park will tackle its other projects.  

“We want to finish the play structure and the picnic shelter,” says Unrau. “That is the goal, at least for this summer, to complete. Then next, the soccer fields.” 

Soccer nets are already in the possession of the park but need to be put up, according to Unrau. After the current line-up of projects, the Reinfeld Park Committee will set their sights on constructing baseball diamonds, for which Unrau says the committee is actively seeking sponsors. 

For now, though, a new play structure is the priority.   

“We've identified [a play structure] that we think is going to be amazing for the community,” says Friesen. “It's really big, there's pieces around it. It will make a great space for family.” 

Even amidst ambitious goals for the future, both Unrau and Friesen have not lost sight of how supportive the community has been already. 

“I just want to really say ‘thank you’ to everybody that's helped put this together. [Everyone who has] helped along the way with the project [from] the builds to sponsoring anything, donating time, money, just all of it,” says Unrau. “We're grateful. We want to see this project come to completion, and [we want] the community to really enjoy [the park].” 

Ultimately, interest in Reinfeld Park from Reinfeld and surrounding areas has been strong, which is promising for the project’s future.  

“[The support] just makes us more excited to continue to carry out [our] vision and really build a great space for the whole community to use not only today, but for many years to come,” says Friesen. 

To keep updated on Reinfeld Park’s progress, visit its Instagram page here.  

~With files from Abby Wall~