Inclement weather may have thwarted Winkler’s Canada Day fireworks display this year, but the show is back on the schedule.  

Jordan Driedger, director of community services in Winkler, has announced a new plan for the fireworks that is sure to make up for the rain. 

“We're going to combine it with what we're calling ‘Champions Night’,” says Driedger. “[It] will give us an opportunity to celebrate the many champions of Winkler in the various sports that we have.” 

Driedger says that many teams will be the object of celebration at the event.  

"[Our] Winkler Flyers, won the Turnbull Cup this year. We're hoping that they're able to come out, and the Winkler Whips won their championship last season as well,” says Driedger. “We've also invited Winkler Minor Hockey, [Winkler] Minor Ball, Barracuda Swim Team, the Rifle Club — anyone that's won provincials, league championships, a gold medal.” 

For Driedger, Champions Night is about bringing the community together for recognition of the athletic talent in Winkler.  

“We want to give [the teams] a shout-out throughout the game and recognize them and their accomplishments. And then have a little fun in the meantime.” 

As for the events of the day, there will be plenty to do.  

“We're teaming up with the Winkler Whips,” says Driedger. “They have a home game [Friday] on Arctic Field, and then we're going to have some bouncy castles. We're going to have food trucks. We're going to have a dunk tank. It should be a fun night for the community, but then also [a chance] to celebrate our champions.” 

Driedger says that because the Winkler Whips have such a supportive fan base, Champions Night is likely to draw a strong crowd, and also encourages the whole community to attend.  

“We . . . invite everybody,” says Driedger. “There's going to be things for kids to do, like the bouncy castles, and we're hoping to get some coaches in the dunk tank [so that] the kids can dunk their coaches.” 

There will also be mini donuts and lemonade, which “everybody enjoys,” according to Driedger. And then, of course, fireworks will end the evening on a high note. 

“The fireworks [are] a great draw for people, and it's always really cool to see,” says Driedger. “We haven't done fireworks on Canada Day for a number of years [in Winkler], and so, even though it's not Canada Day anymore, this is kind of a neat opportunity.” 

Champions Night festivities begin at 6 p.m. on July 12th with food trucks. The Winkler Whips game begins at 7 p.m. on Arctic Field, followed by the fireworks display at Triple E Main Stage at dusk around 10:30 p.m. 

Come help celebrate the successful sports teams in Winkler at Champions Night.  

~With files from Ty Hildebrand~