A research agronomist with the University of Manitoba is studying hail damage in soybeans.

Kristen MacMillan says the occurrence and frequency of hail storms in Manitoba was particularly high during the past three seasons.

She notes insurance providers in Manitoba are using adjusting procedures that were developed in the United States, which may not accurately reflect what is happening in this region.

"The challenge is that the data is based on research done in the U.S. as well and in Manitoba for soybeans we have a shorter and cooler growing season and farmers have observed that there are certain stages and severity levels where perhaps the adjusting procedures aren't reflecting what's actually happening in that we expect the soybeans to grow back and recover more than what they actually are."

MacMillan is hoping to collect her third year of data in 2018, and have insurance providers update their adjusting procedures after that.

Her work with Doug Wilcox of Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) was showcased at an event held in Portage la Prairie last month.