Morris's Rumble in the Valley's Truck and Tractor Pull is a legendary event that leaves attendees in awe and competitors revved up for the ultimate display of power. With its heart-pounding action, it's no wonder this event has gained a reputation as one of the most thrilling motorsport events in the region. Day 1 happened Friday evening, with the event continuing Saturday. 

"Families have been enjoying the monster truck rides, the food trucks have been busy, the open pits drew a great crowd, and the stands are filling up. We are excited to again host Manitoba's largest and loudest Motorsports event," said Brian Wiebe, President of the Valley Agricultural Society.

The competition showcases a diverse range of trucks and tractors, each ready to unleash their horsepower in a test of strength and determination. Drivers push their machines to the limit, competing for glory and bragging rights.

"I'm happy my kid wants to be involved, I've been involved in motorsports since the 80s', it's in my blood, and I'm glad to see it's in his too," said Tim Sackman, driver of the Rabid Rabbit Monster truck rides.

The event attracts a devoted fanbase, who eagerly await to cheer on their favourite competitors. Families, motorsport enthusiasts, and adrenaline junkies come together, united by their shared love for all things powerful and loud.

"Our nephew is one of the competitors, it seems like he has a case of addiction to the orange tractor, and we come and support him every year," said Robyn Watson, a devoted fan of the event.

Morris's Rumble in the Valley's Truck and Tractor Pull is not just an event; it's an experience that fuels the imagination and leaves lasting memories. Whether you're a die-hard motorsport fan or a casual observer, this thrilling showcase of raw power and skill is guaranteed to leave you craving more.