Council for the Municipality of Rhineland is reviving a previous discussion regarding an expanded special services bylaw for the L.U.D. of Gretna.

Recommended by the L.U.D committee in 2019, the original proposal included more services like highway construction and maintenance as well as snow removal, on top of street lighting and fire protection that is currently offered. As well, presently exempt properties, like schools and churches, would fall subject to the levy.

However, in early 2020 Council decided to table the discussion for two years.

"At that time when we first tried, MCI (Mennonite Collegiate Institute) asked for some time and consideration due to its enrolment situation, and that was a couple of years ago so we are bringing the topic back," explained Reeve Don Wiebe.

He says it's all in an effort to make Gretna's tax rates more competitive.

"The tax rates are pretty high in Gretna," noted Wiebe. "By doing this, it kind of equalizes it and has everybody pay in to the service, and it reduces the taxes for residents. It helps make Gretna a more attractive place to live and to do business."

Up for discussion this time around are the kinds of services that will be included in the levy.

The proposal will go through the usual public hearing process before coming to Council for second and third reading.



Rhineland Puts A Pin In Proposed Special Service By-law Changes For Gretna