The Municipality of Rhineland turning its attention back to a sewer/wastewater study conducted three years ago for its agricultural industrial park north of Altona.

Initially, the Municipality considered installing a low-pressure sewer line in the development that would ultimately connect to the Altona lagoon a few miles away east of town, with existing businesses and certain households offered the opportunity to tie into it. However, a lack of interest forced Council to hunt for alternatives, leading it to commission a 2020 study that ultimately yielded three options - a common septic field, the low-pressure line previously offered up and finally, a full gravity sewer complete with a lift station and force main.

Again, a lack of interest from property owners forced Council to put the concept on the backburner. However, three years later, Reeve Don Wiebe says things have changed. 

"With the expansion of industries in there, there's a renewed interest in wastewater treatment, and there may be some prospective businesses that are also kicking the tires. And so, we want to go back to that study and upgrade it."

That process includes assessing current needs and interest levels, what's required for the amount of wastewater that will be directed into the system and, of course, noted Wiebe, trying to anticipate any future development in the ag park. 

"Wastewater is connected to economic development, and for the area to make good use of space and so on, you need a wastewater system. So, we think we need to find something that works there," he explained. 

Council has applied to the Manitoba Water Services Board to help split the cost of the survey 50/50.


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