Another phase in the Municipality of Rhineland's Priority Grain Roads project has been completed. 

In June 2022, Council awarded the tenders for phases 1 and 2.

Phase 1 involved building about a half-mile of concrete roads in both of the Municipality's industrial parks at a cost of about $2.3 million. While that work began last year already, the final touches were completed in 2023. 

As well, phase 2, which saw drain tile installed along the entire priority grain road network, was also completed this year. The intent is to better secure the road surfaces and was a bit of an experiment in helping to get rid of excess moisture underneath and prevent frost boils from forming.

"We're certainly waiting for spring," said Reeve Don Wiebe, adding Council hopes this will make a difference. "On Road 9 West there are so many frost boils and so, we're hoping this will help with that."

Phase 3, the final phase in the $4.8 million multi-year effort, will involve re-enforcing the base of these roads and is slated for 2024.


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