The Rick Wiebe Memorial Charity Barrel Race held August 28th in Carman raised $28,939 for South Central Cancer Resource. Pledges raised by contestants totalled $25,450.

The youth contestant who raised the most pledges was Chloe McElroy of Carman ($2,005). The open contestant who raised the most pledges was Mercedes McKay of Altona ($805).

Dusty van der Steen is Rick's daughter and organizer for the competition. This is the fourth year that the barrel racing event has been held, with 2022 being the first time that funds were raised for charity.

"This year was a little extra difficult again because my dad passed away since our last event and even at our last event he was still in his cancer journey and he was proud and happy to be there. We've done barrel racing at our family ranch, the Rocking W Ranch, for over 10 years, various events that we've done. It was something that we did together. I'm really proud that we can support such a great organization in his memory now going forward."

The barrel races were originally scheduled to take place at Rocking W Ranch last Sunday but were moved to the Dufferin Ag Society grounds in Carman due to heavy rain.

Rocking W FamilyL-R: Bryan & Tanya Gerbrandt, Barb & Rick Wiebe, Dusty & Bert van der Steen. Photo taken in December 2019. (Courtesy

Van der Steen was thrilled with the response, noting the money raised will benefit a lot of people through South Central Cancer Resource, which provides services to cancer patients and their families across Southern Manitoba.

"I don't know anyone that isn't affected by cancer, whether it's a family member they have lost or is fighting or a friend. You don't look very far without seeing someone that's been affected and I think it's close to a lot of people's hearts. Even in a time where our budgets are a little tight, people are generous and they're willing to give to a cause," she commented.

Support from the community was instrumental in the success of this year's event.

"We had over $15,000 in sponsorship from the community, whether it was funds that were donated to purchase prizes or actual prizes for our silent auction. We very much appreciate our sponsors for giving that to us because that's what draws ours competitors in and without the competitors then we don't have the pledges and we're not collecting the funds that we would like. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have been able to put on the quality of event that we did. We're very thankful for the businesses and individuals in our community that donated to us," said van der Steen

She says plan are already being discussed for next year's event.

Results from the Rocking W Charity, Rick Wiebe Memorial Barrel Races:

Open 1D Champion: Whitney Hogue, Eriksdale, MB
2nd: Shannon Mullin, Cartwright, MB
3rd: Leanne Plett, Grunthal, MB

Open 2D Champion: Rusty Rae Woodward, Montmartre, SK
2nd: Tanis Shackleford, Oakville, MB
3rd: Faye Legault, Oakville, MB

Open 3D Champion: Dusty van der Steen, Elm Creek, MB
2nd: Rebecca Falk, Crystal City, MB
3rd: Chloe Anderson, MacGregor, MB

Open 4D Champion: Evan Trimble, Portage la Prairie, MB
2nd: Emily Dyck-Arnold, Oxdrift, ON
3rd: Sheena Marks, Stonewall, MB

Youth 1D Champion: Rylee Olafson, Morden, MB
2nd: Tamara Devos, Bruxelles, MB
3rd: Morgan Turner, Miami, MB

Youth 2D Champion: Chloe McElroy, Carman, MB
2nd: Jill Goff, Carman, MB
3rd: Rylee Olafson, Morden, MB

Youth 3D Champion: Chloe McElroy, Carman, MB
2nd: Jaymee Krahn, Winkler, MB
3rd: Jorgia Plett, Grunthal, MB

Pee Wee Champion: Danica Hodgins, Dominion City, MB
2nd: Ari Selman, Carman, MB
3rd: Raegan Friesen, Altona, MB