The new Reeve for the R.M. of Morris feels this latest group of councillors will work well together. 
October's civic election saw the return of Rick Giesbrecht, Mervin Dueck, Al Rowe and Shane Kroeker to the council table. Newcomers Larry Skoglund from the Sewell area, and Cory Friesen from Lowe Farm were appointed to the two vacant councillor positions after no other candidates stepped forward during the nomination period. 

"I'm in a new position. I have two new brand new councillors that we appointed, so we will be leaning on the four that have been there for at least a year," said Reeve Scott Siemens. "But I believe that there's still a lot of experience around the table and new ideas are a good thing."

To help Siemens lead the municipality and Council, veteran councillor, Mervin Dueck, has been appointed Deputy Reeve.

"He has served ten years on Council already, and I felt I needed some experience to help me out," said Siemens. 

Looking ahead, Siemens plans to continue with a number of initiatives started by the previous Council, and to learn what priorities the new councillors may have as well. 

A planning and orientation session is planned for the new year.