Work on the new daycare in Rosenort's Prairie Hearth development continues to move forward. R.M. of Morris Reeve Scott Siemens says the facility continues to be on track to be the first to open as part of the province's hybrid-construction pilot project using a modular building, prefabricated construction process.

"The structural work is supposed to be complete by early July, and we will just be waiting on Manitoba Hydro to supply the power, so all parties involved are are pushing strongly to get service in."

Meanwhile, the ever expanding Rosenort Industrial Park is set to expand once again.

"We just awarded the tenders for the expansion of the industrial park in Rosenort, which would involve adding an additional 18 lots as the the amount of lots available has dwindled," explains Siemens. "The plan is also to have that complete by winter."

And much needed work on Road 2 East from the Rosenort Industrial Park to Riverside is on the agenda for municipality this construction season, with a new product being used for the work.

"There is a company based out of Manitoba that has a road stabilizer product we can incorporate into the surface of the road in order to firm it up," Siemens notes. "The hope, and the intent, is to test it out on Road 2 East from the industrial park in Rosenort south to Riverside, and to get that work complete this season, that way we can find out. It's supposed to help firm up the road, provided that it is built correctly, and also put in a dust control agent when it's complete."