Harvest is here across southern Manitoba and safety is being promoted for all producers.

Manitoba Farm Safety Coordinator Glen Blahey encourages you to take a few moments and plan ahead.

He says a pre-operation check is crucial and if you are servicing the equipment or making adjustments make sure everyone is clear before starting up and engaging the machine.

In similar fashion, make sure all the safety guards are properly installed before turning the key.

Blahey says proper training is also important, especially for people who are just helping out for a short while.

Make sure they are fully trained, in detail, and that they display their skills to you as proof they understand.

And finally, when heading out to the field make sure you have some form of communication with others and that someone else knows where you are at all times.

The last thing you want in an emergency is to waste time explaining where you are to someone who may not understand your directions.