A group of local truck drivers circled the City of Winnipeg on the Perimeter Highway Monday morning, and drove through the city and past the Manitoba Legislature later in the day.

The "Freedom Convoy 2022 Manitoba" is took place a day ahead of the arrival of a national convoy expected to arrive from western Canada on its way to Ottawa protesting vaccine mandates for truck drivers crossing the Canadian/U.S. border.

The group started in Morris in at approximately 9 a.m. By 11:30 a.m. they were on the North Perimeter near Highway 8. Once they reached Portage Avenue on the West Perimeter, they were expected to head into the city along Portage to Broadway Street passing by the Legislative building, and then making its way to Main Street, and heading south down St. Mary's Road. to the South Perimeter.

Earlier this month the Federal government implemented new rules requiring truck drivers to either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or face a two-week quarantine and PCR testing upon crossing into Canada. On January 22nd, the United States government implemented a similar rule. The Canadian Trucking Alliance says the "vast majority" of truckers are vaccinated, however many drivers have voiced opposition to being mandated to take the vaccine.

Last Monday truckers joined in another slow-roll convoy along Highway 75 near the Emerson border crossing. One of the truckers involved in that protest, Joe Janzen of Smoke N' Transport in Morden, says the protests are about freedom of choice.

"It's not the matter of being vaxxed or unvaxxed," says Janzen. "It's a matter of having a choice to not or do it, right? The freedom is gone. Quebec is taxing or fining people, right? (Prime Minister) Trudeau stated that this is what's gonna happen, right? Well, whatever happened to freedom of choice? This is what this is about. Freedom of choice. The choice is gone, right? We don't have that anymore."