Farmers in the region are wrapping up with seeding.

Isaac Froese farms in the Plum Coulee area.

"It wasn't all too bad," he said. "We left small puddles here and there. We put some stuff into conditions that weren't exactly correct but overall it wasn't bad. It was a late start that we got. I thought it went really well after that."

He notes the Plum Coulee area received about 3/10ths of an inch of rain over the weekend.

This year Froese seeded corn, edible beans, wheat, canola, soybeans, and perennial rye grass.

"Soybeans are coming well, we got one field of canola that is worrisome right now. The rest are looking reasonable. Cereals are filling in the black spots that until now had been staying behind a bit but they're starting to fill in. Outside of the one canola fields right now, I think we're looking pretty good."

Froese says weeds are also starting to become an issue, adding he has sprayed for some and also flea beetles.

He is also part of the CHUM grow project for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

"We had to change plans on the fly. We had planned to do soybeans but because of the tying up of equipment on everybody's farm and the dealers and because of the deadline coming up faster than we had hoped for, we wound up not putting in soybeans. We switched, and we had Co-op float on fertilizer and canola, and then we had Stoesz Acres and H & M Farms, they harrowed it in quickly as it was raining and after the rain."

Froese says the quarter section of land south of Rosenfeld was seeded this past Saturday.