You know what they say about first impressions, and Winkler made several of them as part of the province's First Impressions Community Exchange program.


The city partnered with Portage la Prairie on the program that sees delegations from each city visiting the other to review and comment on various aspects of the community.

Councillor and participant Henry Siemens says it allows participants to see their city through another person's eyes, possibly finding things that could be improved upon to make a visitor's time in the community that much better.

Each delegation is currently discussing internally what they found, and will be giving a presentation in the community they visited at a future date.

Siemens adds the Winkler event will be a community forum, and all residents will be invited to hear what the visitors from Portage thought of the city.

The Winkler delegation visited Portage la Prairie earlier this month, while the Portage group visited Winkler at the end of September.

~ Wednesday, October 14th 2009 ~