Valley Fiber has been named the winner of 2022 Winkler and District Chamber of Commerce P.W. Enns Business Excellence Award.
Along with winners in other categories, Valley Fiber will be recognized at next Wednesday's P.W. Enns Business Awards Gala, hosted by the Winkler and District Chamber of Commerce.
Senior Vice President, Conley Kehler says Valley Fiber has grown so fast in its first five years of operation, they have not had time to celebrate any milestone, so they're very excited to be recognized.

"1000 customers, 5000 customers, you name it. Any milestone we really have not taken the time," said Kehler. "We keep talking about a grand opening. It's now five years since we started, and we haven't done that yet either."

Kehler says the award has given them time to realize the full impact they've had on the community. "We were 15 staff five years ago, we’re 300 plus today, so trying to find time to sit back, it hasn't been a luxury for us to to do that...So we're thankful to be honored and recognized by the Chamber.” 

Asked whether Valley Fiber practices or sets out to do anything specific on a day-to-day basis he feels may have contributed to this recognition for the company, Kehler had the following answer.

"This is a question we love to answer," said Kehler.

"Things that we set out to do on a day-to-day basis: We set out to be the best service provider, we set out to bring the best customer service, bringing the best technology to our customers, like our dedicated fiber build. We hear time and time again how we have changed the lives of so many. You ask about specific things. Best gaming ISP in Canada, that is very specific. What PC Gaming Magazine doesn't say, that while gamers are happy, businesses are even happier."

"We have delivered a wonderful digital phone system to our customers," he added. There are many specific things....We've increased staff by 200,000%, increased service to customers1500%, another 1500% signed up. It's phenomenal what has taken place.”

Kehler was also asked whether there's anything specific they do to ensure the goals and values they've set, don't get lost in the huge success they've achieved in such a short period of time.

He said it's easy to put the blinders on and run every day like a race, and some of them need to do that during this very explosive time for the company. However, he says they have intentionally created a department that keeps them grounded, to know what's happening in the community.

"One of our values is to provide some cycles for our staff to commit to volunteering. We think that's important. Our staff are primarily from the Pembina Valley, and that alone comes with culture and values. But we have a strong influx of newcomers and love the values and cultures they bring to Valley Fiber. The diversity really is truly a gift."

“What feels more important to us as we grow as a company is connecting in person. That hasn't been easy, but we're starting to find some cycles in our time to be volunteers...The Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation Golf tournament. We knew they were short on volunteers, so we provided some funding, but also at the same time we provided a bunch of volunteers that did 50/50, they were parking attendants, and they took registration. And then for the younger crowd, Etherlan. An event that continues to grow bigger and bigger every year. And it obviously resonates with us as the best gaming ISP, so it’s the perfect fit. And so, we participate strongly in that event as well as it grows. It's important for us to continue to give back, and hopefully in some very creative ways."

Kehler noted Valley Fiber had 12 runners and about 1/2 a dozen volunteers take part in this year's Thanks for Giving Run, one of the many community support efforts Valley Fiber has been involved in.Kehler noted Valley Fiber had 12 runners and about 1/2 a dozen volunteers take part in this year's Thanks for Giving Run, one of the many community support efforts Valley Fiber has been involved in.