Altona Police Chief Dan Defer says tapping Shawn Tarnick to be the department's next Sergeant was inevitable.
Having worked together for 22 years, Chief Defer says the experience Tarnick brings to the position is immense.

"This is his hometown. He knows the town, he knows the department, he knows how we operate and so, it was a natural fit."

Despite all this, Tarnick says he was still somewhat surprised when Chief Defer approached him with the opportunity.

"It is an honour to be able to serve the community for as long as I have, and some might say it was expected but at the end of the day, it was a decision made by the Chief," he explained. "I'm glad that he felt I was qualified and the right person for the job," noting Chief Defer could have looked outside of the agency to fill the role. "When he told me about it, it was an honour and is something I feel I'm ready for."

Prior to being named Sergeant, Tarnick was the department's Corporal, and Chief Defer says the promotion just expands on the work he was already doing. As Sergeant, Tarnick will oversee day-to-day operations that include the department's constables, and investigations.

"The buck stops here," said Tarnick. "You've got to be confident, you've got to have knowledge. Twenty-two years of experience, hopefully, I have a little bit to offer the Town and my staff to lead them in the right way."