Snowmobile riders have been enjoying a great season on the trails this year - and if you were near Miami this past weekend - you may have seen some classic machines at the Miami Fairgrounds.

The Miami Power Tobogganing Club held its vintage snowmobile races, drawing riders from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Minnesota and Red Lake, Ontario. "They were really committed to having a race. It was awesome," said club president John Friesen.

"We had 34 racers signed up, (we) would have had a few more, but of course with classic sleds, there's about 5 to 7 percent that never seem to make it to the starting line. But everyone was in fantastic spirits."

Based on the feedback from the racers, Friesen says they will bring the vintage sled race back next year, with plans to make it bigger.

"We're definitely thinking about doing it again next year. The racers were absolutely 100% on board. Everyone was requesting we do it again. We're going to build a little bigger. Now we know the level of interest. We're obviously going to try to make it a little bigger every year and make it a little more fun for some of the spectators. A few things are going to change to make it a little smoother from race to race. I think there's a lot of potential to have a lot of fun."

The Miami Power Tobogganing Club promotes trails, look after their snowmobile shack in the Pembina Valley Escarpment, and hold various community fundraisers and events. Friesen says they ensure those events are either free, or very affordable for families to attend.