Morden Police Service issued three speeding tickets, two on the same day, to drivers going well over the speed limit on the west and east side of the city. The tickets were noted in the department's latest activities report for April 29th through May 13th.

Chief Brad Neduzak says two of the three were given to vehicles coming into Morden on Highway 3 from the west, and the other was ticketed east of the city near Boston Pizza. The drivers were clocked at 122, 127 and 134 km/h, and Neduzak noted it's not unusual for officers to catch vehicles at these speeds in these areas. The fines ranges from $338 to $495.

"We try to patrol these areas frequently, but do not always get to do a lot of traffic enforcement due to other files," stated Neduzak in an email to PembinaValleyOnline.

The Chief noted the department will again be participating in the MPI sponsored Enhanced Enforcement program, which pays for officers to come in on their own time to strictly concentrate on traffic enforcement. With that in mind, officers will soon be setting up checkstops under the program, and Neduzak says, unfortunately, it will more than likely mean more drivers caught at these speeds.

"We have been involved in these programs for several years, which is good for MPI to get additional traffic enforcement, as well as good for our service and the community, as the cost is covered by MPI, so it is a win-win," said Neduzak.