Altona Mayor Harv Schroeder joined CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner Wednesday morning for another In the Mayor's Chair. The two had a lot to talk about, including even though how it's felt like mid-Summer the last week or so, rather than early June, it's still Spring clean-up Week in town.

"This week is Spring clean-up, with the waste drop off at the Altona Rhineland Waste Disposal site," said Schroeder. "A flyer was sent out in recent weeks with more information. It can be found on our website and in our office, so just call our office if we need for info on that."

Schroeder also noted the community is heading into one of the busiest times of the year for recreation with baseball, swimming and more all underway almost nightly at Altona Park.

Get all the details on what's going on around town by listening to In the Mayor's Chair, below.