A local restaurant has reopened after a frightening accident last week.

"It was an extremely shocking day for the customers and staff... none of us saw this coming," Sheila Cabildo of Kopper Kettle says.

On September 7, at approximately 4:00 p.m, customers and staff were surprised when a vehicle came through the front entrance of the Kopper Kettle Restaurant in Morden.

"There was a huge "bang" and everyone was looking at each other thinking, "what happened?'"

Emergency crews arrived on scene shortly after to find a vehicle lodged in the North wall of the building.

"We were very fortunate no one was hurt," Cabildo says, adding they're thankful for the quick response of services like the Morden Fire Department.

Morden Police say the lone occupant of the vehicle, a male driver, was found outside the vehicle on the ground and conscious. First responders attended to the man who was eventually transported to Boundary Trails Health Centre.

Alcohol was not considered a factor, and police continue to investigate.

Cabildo also thanked local construction crews for repairing the damage and helping the restaurant reopen. The Kopper Kettle opened on Sunday.