Emergency crews were called to Altona's Buffalo Creek Nature Park this morning in a most unusual call. 
Altona police chief Dan Defer says officers were called to the park where they recovered a stolen a vehicle floating in the pond. He indicated the vehicle had been reported stolen prior, from the Municipality of Rhineland.

According to Manitoba RCMP, the vehicle was reported stolen at 8:06 am on November 9 from a home in the Municipality of Rhineland. It is believed the theft occurred sometime overnight. This morning, RCMP received a call from Altona Police Service indicating they had responded to a call about a submerged vehicle, and it was related to this report.

A tow truck has since removed the vehicle from the water.

With recent reported vehicle theft activity, police are taking this opportunity to remind the public to protect their property. That includes things like not leaving keys in vehicles, locking car doors and taking advantage of well-lit outdoor areas.

Altona Police Service, APSSubmitted by Carey Kehler
Altona Police Service, APSSubmitted by Carey Kehler