2023/24 student enrollment in the Border Land School Division (BLSD) is spot-on with predictions, so far. 
Expectations heading into the year pegged enrollment at 2,076.

Superintendent, Krista Curry, reported at the board's last meeting that BLSD had registered 2,076.5 full time equivalent students. Because kindergarten students attend classes part-time, each is considered a half time equivalent. 

An official student count will be collected on September 29th and submitted to the Province. The amount of government funding the school division receives the following year is based, in-part, on this year's enrollment.

Patty WiebePatty Wiebe.

Meantime, Patty Wiebe is back as Chair for the Border Land School Division (BLSD) Board of Trustees, elected by her peers to serve a second year in the role. Wiebe, who is in her fifth term, served as Vice Chair for many of those years.
Additionally, Steven Wiebe and Albert Klassen were re-elected Vice Chair and Second Vice Chair, respectively. 
The trio will serve in their positions for the next 12 months.

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