A dream to update the ageing sheds and storage space in the backyard of the Winkler Daycare Centre became a reality this past summer.
"A few years ago we actually had a really good desire to update our sheds and our storage space here in the backyard at Winkler Day Care. We need more storage space and needed new sheds, cause the ones that we've had, I think have been here since before 1988," said Winkler Daycare Executive Director, Ang Nickel.

This past summer, Nickel said the dream became a reality when the daycare got a new shed for the toys complete with additional storage space, and a large outdoor classroom was also built.

"Glenberg Homes did the design for us on the shed the outdoor classroom and they tried to make it so that it would blend into the backyard. It fit in there so well. They did a great job."

Nickel noted the staff, including herself, were also pleasantly surprised by two features in the outdoor classroom. "We weren't expecting there to be a storage space in there, and we're always looking for storage space, so it was a really nice addition to that. We also weren't expecting it to be powered, so it has lights. If it gets dark at 5:00, we could still go in there and still be outside. And it's beautiful. Oh, it's beautiful."

Thanks to the generous help of the Falk Fehr Foundation, Nickel noted they were also able to add another 480 feet to their existing backyard bike bath last year. 

The Winkler Daycare Centre is planning a backyard carnival this upcoming Friday, September 23rd to celebrate the reopening of the backyard. Weather permitting, the carnival will take place in the beautiful backyard from 6 pm to 8 pm, complete with games and some prizes.

Nickel noted Glenberg Homes will be providing food for a barbecue, and Kevin Hildebrand will be there with some extra hands from the Bunker to prepare the food.