"We've been here for about two months, three months now and it's been rolling really smooth." That from Cornie Peters, Shop Foreman at Sunvalley Tire in Altona that's been enjoying the new and improved shop, located in the community's recently expanded industrial park on the community's north side at 67 14th Avenue NE.

The ribbon was officially cut on the new location during a grand reopening celebration Friday. 

Not only does it boast an updated and inviting retail space at the front, but the new shop features larger facilities in order to accommodate the bigger semi-trucks and farm equipment we're seeing these days. 

"The big yard is nice for the trucks to come in," said Peters. "We have a drive-thru we can get a full super-b in here. We have a bay on the outside for a second super-b. We have three doors in the front - one for tractors, combines and sprayers - and two smaller doors for your half-tonnes, mini vans and cars."

Assistant manager, Peter Teichroeb, agreed, staff are quite enjoying the extra room to work. 

While the former Centre Avenue location in the heart of Altona may have been a more visible spot, Teichroeb says being in the industrial park has its bonuses as well.

"The space of it was not big enough. The yard wasn't big enough. The building itself wasn't big enough," he said. "We're very thankful that we could build in this new development that Altona had set up. It makes it very easy to come off the highway."

The grand reopening celebration included a ribbon cutting, as well as free hot dog hosted by Altona YFC and an opportunity to enter a variety of door prize draws.

Having worked for a Goodyear tire franchise, Ken Hildebrand was looking for a more personal connection with the customer which led him to start up Sunvalley Tire in 1992 in Winkler. The Altona tire shop, originally located on Centre Avenue, was added in 2008.

Check out photos from Friday's ribbon cutting below.

With files from Chris Sumner