Puzzlers from as far away as Winnipeg traveled to Altona recently in support of the Puzzle Palooza hosted by Furever Friends Cat Rescue. 

Meghan Funk, a volunteer who handles adoptions, fostering and social media for the agency, says despite coinciding with the start of spring break, there was good participation in their first puzzling fundraiser.

"We had a four-person team be able to sign up. We did 1000-piece puzzles this time, allowing teams two hours to complete the puzzles. We had one team finish in about an hour and 35 minutes."

A team working against the clock at the Puzzle Palooza hosted by Furever Friends Cat Rescue.

The goal was to raise $1200, which they surpassed.

"We ended up raising $1300, so we're very, very grateful for people's generous support," said Funk. "The funds will keep supporting the cats we already have in rescue. We have a few cats who need special diets because they have urinary problems or allergies. We also have a few cats who have medical needs, so taking daily medication; as well as intaking new cats."

After the puzzling was done, participants offered constructive feedback.

Funk says they plan on holding a similar event in the future, with the addition of a children's category. 

The rescue will be hosting its spring bake sale at the Altona Mall this Saturday starting at 9:00am, right across from the IGA. 

Money raised at the sale will go toward providing care for cats housed at the rescue center and the agency's Finders Keepers program said Funk.

"It's a program we've designed for people who find cats in the community and would like assistance getting vet care for that cat."

The rescue is accepting donations for the bake sale. They can be brought directly to the mall.

Funk points out that attending fundraisers is only one way to support their efforts. Operating the rescue is hard work, but it's good work.

"We always need background people to do tiny jobs, like driving around hanging up posters. Sometimes we need a ride to the vet. Just little things that you can help out just as a one-time thing. We are looking for one foster home for a cat who needs a home with no other pets. She's very particular."

Those interested in lending a hand can contact the agency through social media and its website

~With files from Zack Driedger~