A vehicle theft in Morden Monday night lead to a series of events that could have ended much worse.


The incident began in a church parking lot where two youth allegedly took the vehicle.

Morden Police Chief Brad Neduzak says they found the vehicle parked on the side of the highway just west of town.

He says officers tracked the vehicle and footprints and found a firearm and other items taken from the vehicle and discarded in the ditch.

Neduzak says the two individuals then walked back to Morden and stole a second vehicle and travelled to Killarney where they were taken into custody by R.C.M.P.

The two youth now face a number of charges including theft of the two vehicles and possession of property obtained by crime.

One individual is also charged with trespassing and three firearm offenses.

Neduzak adds the situation could have been more serious as the owner of the first vehicle had left his rifle in the vehicle.

He says thankfully the youth chose to leave the weapon behind before walking back into town for the second vehicle.

Neduzak reminds you not to leave keys or firearms in your vehicles when unattended.