Photo submitted by: Becca Giesbrecht of Winkler


The Great Conjunction 2020 took place last night, as gas giants Saturn and Jupiter aligned so that they appeared above the Southwestern horizon as "one bright star". However, the separation was still visible to the un-aided eye. A shelf of clouds rolled in at prime viewing time in the Pembina Valley, but some star-gazers were still able to take a quick snapshot of this major celestial event, between the clouds. Here are some submitted photos:

Submitted by Chris Unrau

Submitted by Gertrude Peters

Submitted by Denise Tonna


 And our featured guest Darren Enns, who shared the scientific details with us on the morning show, contributed the following comparison photos: 

This one, from December 19th:

And this one, from December 21st, the night of the event: