Educate, encourage, empower.

That is how the Manitoba Farm Women's Conference is designed to impact the lives of women in agriculture.

"It's one of those events that, if you are working in agriculture, is for you," says Cheryl Janzen, who has been involved with the organization for a number of years, including the last two as a board member. "If you are supporting farmers in your business, this is for you. If you are a farm mom and want to just connect and meet people, this is for you. We have multiple generations in the same room. It's an awesome day!"

Taking place November 21st to 23rd at Days Inn in Winkler, the conference has a mandate to gather farm women of different backgrounds to have fun and learn together in a safe environment.

Janzen herself comes from a farm family. She, her husband and their two sons have farmed in the Arnaud area for over 30 years. Her father and grandfather farmed north of Plum Coulee. 

Cheryl Janzen is a board member for the Manitoba Farm Women's Conference

"It's really about multiple generations and ag backgrounds. Because we have people in ag industries like banks, accounting and all those things. When you think about the major industries in southern Manitoba, it's a lot around agriculture."

Women should register now to ensure getting a seat on sessions offered said Janzen.

"We are going to be having some great local businesses step up and do some combine clinics. You know, some women are curious about combines. Some of the women on our board are actively combining while we're having meetings. It's amazing to see what these young women are doing."

Participants will also have the option of visiting Vanderveen Greenhouse and learning about farm safety. 

"There is some off-site as well as on-site activities that you can take part of, great speakers, some inspiring women. Cherilyn Nagel is a renowned Canadian speaker on agriculture. [She will be] talking about promoting rather than defending, talking about supporting agriculture and doing what we can to raise the profile of agriculture." 

Keynote speakers include Roberta Galbraith, who will talk about the Manitoba Farm Women's Farmer Wellness program. 

"We've got an author. Lewellyn Melnyk is going to be talking about her experience living rurally. We've got [sessions on] stress conquering skills and organization skills. Who doesn't need to be more organized, simplify and get your life organized. And building a successful credit history. There are lots of choices. That's another reason we want you to sign up early because some of these are starting to fill up. It's going to be fun because, you know what? The Farm Women's Conference is fun! "

The registration deadline is November 8th. 

For registration details and a complete schedule click here

With files from Nicole Klassen

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