Pure Joy Naturals manufactures pure and natural personal care products, herbal remedies and essential oils/blends. The owners, Rob and Coral Fehr, are Certified Aromatherapists that specialize in essential oil formulating and blending. They have an absolutely amazing Production Team that take the formulas, and make them into finished products.

The Pure Joy Naturals production facility is located in the R.M. of Stanley, just south of Winkler. 

Pure Joy Naturals handmade natural products are for those who are encouraged to live a toxic free lifestyle. When it came to personal care products, Rob and Coral found out their needs were also the needs of many others. This became their passion. Products that are pure, natural and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. The couple tells us they are absolutely loving this journey, and are moving forward in so many ways.

They believe in giving back, and helping their community, by helping those in their community.

Their “Community of Kindness” is a project fueled by the sales of our Pure Joy Natural products. When you buy their quality products you can enjoy the natural benefits from each of them, as well as support local charities and people in the community. Rob and Coral are grateful for the enthusiasm shown, so far, for this project, and will continue to serve those in need.

Pure Joy Naturals retail products can be purchased at Honey Comb Health Foods in Winkler, or online at www.purejoynaturals.ca