The financial support given each year to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Pembina Valley thanks to Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign is not taken for granted. 

This year, thanks to the Smile Cookies sold at the Winkler and Morden restaurants, just under $18,000 was raised and given to the non-profit organization. Jenelle Neufeld is the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Pembina Valley (BBBS PV).

"I say, year after year, that it's huge," said Neufeld. "It's one of those things that right now, it's a really weird time to be fundraising for other avenues, and something like Smile Cookie week with Geoff and Linda and all the staff at Tim Hortons, we know that we can count on it. And that to us is bigger than anything we could ever ask for. I mean, being able to put something like this in our budget line when we do our budget in March for the next year, that to us is a releationship that means the world to us, and we are so thankful for that."

Linda Doerksen, is co-owner of Tim Hortons in Winkler and Morden. She said they are truly happy to do this for Big Brothers Big Sisters, adding the organization plays a big role in helping the youth in our community.

This year's amount raised through Smile Cookie campaign from the Morden and Winkler restaurants was lower than last year, noted Doerksen. The 2021 campaign raised $19,429 for BBBS PV.