Welcome to another Made in Manitoba, and tonight we're taking a slightly different approach to our theme of spotlighting Manitoba music with Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards.

The duo is from Massachusetts, but in 2017 they played a number of house concerts in our province through the Home Routes concert series. Along the way, the performances, banter, and audience reactions were recorded with the thought of releasing an album afterward... and that's exactly what Mark and Raianne did.

The album is "Live in Manitoba", and came out in October 2018, but we only recently learned of it, and that's why we're bringing you Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards... and their brand of authentic folk music, this weekend. This is Made in Manitoba, and we're featuring music from the album "Live in Manitoba".

As part of their journey, they also took time to take pictures with roadside attractions, and you can find a few of them in the gallery below. And also, check out their many music videos on their YouTube page.

The conversation and music, below.