By: Chris Sumner


The Manitoba Cattle Enhancement Council has yet to begin collection of the province's controversial 2 dollar per head levy on all cattle sales.

Executive Director Kathleen Butler says before collection begins the right process and legislation needs to be put in place.

The money raised from the levy will be invested in slaughter capacity expansion projects within the province.

She adds, even though collection has yet to begin, there has been a fair bit of interest from parties interested in applying for funding from the Council.

To date 3 written requests for applications have been received.

In addition Butler notes 3 more people have been appointed to the Council.

Cow-calf operator Gaylene Dutchyshen of Gilbert Plains, Albert Todosichuk of Shilo a former vice-president at Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation, and Harvey Harland a farmer from Treherne who has an extensive background in the poultry and livestock sectors.