Enrollment numbers have increased for the current year in the Western School Division.    

Their numbers are up by 6 to 7 per cent according to Superintendent Stephen Ross, 

"It fluctuates always through September, but we're expecting more students to continue to move into the division throughout the fall here. Currently our middle school is bursting at the seams with 750 students. [Morden Collegiate Institute] is also at its largest capacity ever at 650. So, big schools, lots going on and we're looking forward to that new school opening up next fall."

Minnewasta is also experiencing the highest enrollment numbers on record.

Progress on construction of the new Discovery Trails School in Morden remains on schedule for a September 2024 opening. 

The division is experiencing its fullest year with the least amount of space available within buildings and on buses.  

Getting additional funding to meet the needs of more students is dependent on several factors said Ross.

"We would anticipate additional funding, we would hope, with additional students. Certainly, that creates new challenges when you're opening up a new building. It’s just not a straight transfer through for the number of bodies you have. A lot of the funding is going to depend on, I guess, the outcome of the election and the winning party’s decisions in regard to education funding."

The division remains focused on maintaining the regular learning environment in classrooms adds Ross, implementing the new board priorities plan for innovative. 
learning, community relationships as well as getting kids out into the community. 

With files from: Robyn Wiebe

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